"EuroViews" is aimed to develop a networking of people, such as scholars, experts, policy makers, media operators, young researchers, graduate and postgraduate students, civil society representatives, interested to express their comments, analyses and criticisms on the state of the Union, its policies and its chances of future, towards an "ever closer Union among the Peoples of Europe."


╚ l'ora della cittadinanza comune dell'Unione
by Luigi Moccia

Nel discorso tenuto il 12 settembre 2018 dal Presidente della Commissione europea "sullo stato dell'Unione", davanti al Parlamento europeo, l'una e l'altro giunti a scadenza nel prossimo anno, si legge: "La geopolitica ci insegna che Ŕ definitivamente scoccata l'ora della sovranitÓ europea. [.] L'Europa deve svolgere sempre di pi¨ un ruolo di protagonista nelle relazioni internazionali. La sovranitÓ europea proviene dalla sovranitÓ nazionale degli Stati membri. Non sostituisce quella propria delle nazioni"... read more


The State of the Union and sense of realism: the 'dual' level' of democracy in the Union
by Luigi Moccia

Now is official: as stated by the Commission President Juncker, the European Union is in crisis; and not a light one, but so depressing to be called "an existential crisis"! It starts like this his 2016 speech "On the State of the Union", held on September 14 in front of the European Parliament. He comes to that conclusion... read more


"What has happened to you, Europe?" The future of Europe as peoples' Union*
by Luigi Moccia

Europe seems to have lost, together with the spirit of the founding fathers, its direction, while proceeding with difficulty, among resistances and compromises, in a step by step way closely linked with a functional approach to integration, not so much pragmatic but much more sectorial and random often because of the urgency of emergencies, which appears... read more


The 'common' European border and the migration crisis as 'borderline' issue in the future of Europe*
by Luigi Moccia

It is difficult to know what exactly is going to happen in next months and years to come as regards migration flows and related humanitarian emergencies. But one can easily foresees, depending on the European attitudes, capacities and policies to tackle with such phenomenon, that it is going to happen something... read more


“United  Citizens of Europe:” the way ahead to a democratic political Union
by Luigi Moccia

The economic and financial crisis still looming on the euro zone showed a deficit at the European level, which affects not only the question of how Europe functions, from the point of view of the "decision-making process," but also the problem of policy choices, namely the issue of European government... read more


Dealing with “European foreign fighters”: what strategies?
by Maria Luisa Maniscalco

Since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011, there have been growing worries about the threat posed by European citizens (or residents) travelling to conflict zones, the so-called "foreign fighters"... read more


Towards a new neighbourhood policy
by Giulia Bonacquisti

On 4th March, the Commissioner for neighbourhood policy and enlargement negotiations, Johannes Hahn, and the High Representative, Federica Mogherini, have released a joint consultation paper... read more


European Union facing the immigration challenge
by Loredana Teodorescu

European Union is facing an unprecedented challenge at its borders, in terms of increased migration flows and instability in the neighboring regions, which highlighted the need for a comprehensive coherent and coordinated approach... read more


Mobility and inclusion. The priorities within the European Higher Education Area
by Andrea Lombardinilo

Fostering the employability of graduates throughout their working lives. Making education systems more inclusive. Implementing agreed structural reforms... read more

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