The International Postgraduate School of Humanities (IPSH) was founded in 2015 within the framework of the cooperation between University “Roma Tre” and Southwest Jiaotong University, in execution of the respective agreement bet­ween the two universities. The School operates in the larger framework of an advancement of rela­tions between the European Union and China, inter-cultural dialogue for the peoples union and world peace.

PhD candidates from all participating universities are invited to join this network.

The School is located with its headquarters at the Centro d’eccellenza Altiero Spinelli (CeAS), with Prof. Luigi Moccia as contact person. A subsidiary is located at the Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu/China, and there in the School of Foreign Languages, with Dean Prof. Li Chengjian as contact person. Another subsidiary is located at Hunan Normal University, International Chinese Studies Centre. The network organizes itself with a board from the participating universities, coordinated and chaired by Prof. Martin Woesler.

The network mostly uses internet communication technologies, with the aim to enable PhD students to find supervisors from participating universities and to reach a double degree.

It entertains a website, databases with contact information and disciplines of supervisors, PhD students, experts, scholarship opportunities etc. The network exchanges experiences with PhD programs with the aim of quality assurance. It also conducts PhD colloquia for participating PhD candidates.

The school fosters cooperation between the partner universities. This cooperation implies, in general terms the mobility of researchers and teachers of both Parties; the mobility of young researchers, eventually granted, involved in post-graduated programmes. In particular, the School will conduct conferences, seminars, workshops and the like, to be held alternatively at the joint initiative of the Parties, respectively in Rome (University “Roma Tre”) and ­­­in Chengdu (Southwest Jiaotong University) on topics such as stated above;  courses of lectures lasting not less than two weeks, to be held alternatively at the joint initiative of the Parties, respectively in Rome (University “Roma Tre”) and ­­­in Chengdu (Southwest Jiaotong University) on topics such as stated above. Other universities contributing to the network are Ruhr University Bochum, Witten/Herdecke University and Hunan Normal University, Changsha.

The School also fosters cooperation regarding the mobility of students for periods of one semester or lesser periods, according to a plan which shall specify the number of students, temporary enrolment procedures and financial conditions, the possible grant of fellowships, the guarantee of allocation, transfer and recognition of academic credits; the mobility of teachers in the framework of agreed projects; the drawing up of common study programmes aiming at joint degrees.

In particular, the School fosters the internationalisation of curricula at the post-graduate level with regard to Eramus-Mundus and similar programmes.