CeAS Publications

CeAS develop two main typologies of publications, printed and online ones.

Printed publications

Main printed publications are: the bi-annual journal “La cittadinanza europea” and the series of monograph studies “Quaderni del Centro Spinelli”.

The indexes of these publications can be consulted in each relative webpage.


Online open publications

CeAS main online materials (freely available) are: CeAS Newsletter; the series of Working Papers and a set of Open didactic resources.

All the online mentioned CeAS activities are documented and made available to the public, by direct access or on a registration basis, in our website and through multimedia resources.

From its very origins, the Centre has developed online editorial activities, including Euroclic (Europe at a click) which, as the introduction says, "aims to provide an aid for beginners, aspiring experts and experts in European matters, enabling them to benefit from the potential offered by electronic systems and to access information, carry out research and consult documents on the European Union".

As well as a documentary section, the programme contains a well explained and selected description of the "Europa" site, providing access to any material available on the life of the Union and on its institutions, policies and activities. This now massive material offers great potential in terms of information and training.

Furthermore the Centre is developing an International catalogue of publications as a collection of titles some already published in Italian as CeAS publications and some others resulting from activities (conferences, seminars, meetings) or research projects in which the Centre is involved.