Centro di eccellenza Altiero Spinelli

Centro di eccellenza Altiero Spinelli (CeAS) was founded in 2003 with the financial contribution of  the European Commission, within the framework of the Jean Monnet Action for the establishment of university centres of excellence, to support research and training activities in the field of European integration studies.

The Centre is dedicated to Altiero Spinelli, one of the most illustrious figures of European federalism, whose work and whose commitment, since the “Manifesto of Ventotene”,  marked the start of the integration process and its development, in particular with the 1984 Draft Treaty establishing the European Union (commonly known as “Spinelli Project”), which has become a major source of inspiration for all the European Union (EU) Treaties.

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  • Master in European Citizenship and Euro-Med integration

    Activated in 2008, this post-graduate course focuses on EU as a global and regional peace actor in the dimension of culture heritage as a factor of cohesion and development. It graduated over eighty students from a variety of countries.

  • CeAS Newsletter: comments and information on Europe

    Our online Newsletter presents "views", comments and information, on the European Union, to promote a debating platform based on contributions from various quarters. Since 2010, CeAS has edited this periodical publication (see archive 2010-2015)

  • The Institute of Multilevel Comparison (IMC)

    The Institute of Multilevel Comparison (IMC) has been set up in 2015 within the framework of the cooperation between UniversitÓ degli studi Roma Tre and Southwest Jiaotong University.

  • Euro Arab Institute :
    a Project for Peace

    The Euro Arab Institute for Dialogue between Cultures is an initiative promoted and supported by Al-Babtain Foundation (Kuwait) in collaboration with CeAS.

  • European Pathways to Peace: a new CeAs proposal

    CeAS promotes the cycle of conferences, panels, workshops “European Pathways for Peace” involving academics, public intellectuals, media personalities, politicians, and civil society activists worldwide.

  • The International Postgraduate School of Humanities (IPSH)

    The International Postgraduate School of Humanities (IPSH) founded in 2015 within the framework of the cooperation between University “Roma Tre” and Southwest Jiaotong University, operates in the larger framework of an advancement of relaČtions between the European Union and China, inter-cultural dialogue for the peoples union and world peace.

  • CeAS International Publications Catalog

    CeAS International catalogue is a collection of titles some already published in Italian as CeAS publications and some others resulting from activities (conferences, seminars, meetings) or research projects in which the Centre is involved.

    Seminario Internazionale/ International Seminar
    Roma, 9-10 Giugno 2016/
    Rome, 9-10 June 2016

    In recent years, the European Union has faced a series of political and social challenges that have threatened the foundations of its integration model. Since 2008, the economic and financial crisis has put into question the achievement of the single currency and the sustainability of the European welfare system...

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"European Citizenship: for Europe of the Peoples and Peace in the World"

On a proposal and under the patronage of CeAS, the city of Belgioioso (Pavia, Lombardy region) has established this Prize. The last edition, held in JANUARY 2017 had awarded President Laura Boldrini. The previous editions had awarded respectively, the Committee of the Regions, the European Parliament, the town of Lampedusa and the educators to European studies.