European Pathways to Peace


Assuming that in today’s world “peace” is not any longer an abstract ideal but a mandatory choice in the interest of mankind survival and a basic challenge to be faced with a global multi-disciplinary approachnecessitating dialogue practices on a variety of issues, CeAS intends to regularly promote cycles of conferences, seminars, workshops, under the heading of  “European Pathways to Peace,”  involving academics, intellectuals, media operators, policy makers and civil society representatives.

“European Pathways to Peace” is a project committed to CeAS vision for promoting the culture of human rights and better understanding between peoples in the perspective of transnational and supranational order.  We propose to face issues related to political-institutional, social, economic, legal, and cultural aspects concerning phenomena that directly or indirectly affect and weaken the peace and may create instability inside Europe and in its close neighborhood, the Euro-Mediterranean region by and large.

The methodology of this multi-disciplinary exercise of investigation and discussion wants to adapt to the complexity and dynamicity of the issues and challenges involved. “European Pathways to Peace” are consequently proposed as a set of study meetings analyzing multifaceted aspects of peace promotion, ranging from conflict prevention and resolution, human security, sustainable development, human rights protection, democratization processes, to migration flows, and fight against international terrorism.


Main Objectives

We would like to address the following main objectives, with respect in particular to European and Euro-Mediterranean context:

  • to work out new study and training methods for the advancement of peace as global public good to be achieved and sustain through educational means, based on more competent, comprehensive intercultural approaches to mutual knowledge and respect;
  • to develop dialogue practices on a structured cooperative basis with university partner and other research institutions, territorial and governmental authorities, civil society organizations and further interested actors;
  • to provide contributions dealing with challenges affecting peace, in the multifarious fields and under the manifold aspects concerned, in order to expand knowledge and skills required to cope with security and solidarity issues connected with conflict prevention and resolution, refugees’ acceptance, and related socio-economic problems;
  • to encourage the promotion of actions to be undertaken, particularly through university cooperation at any level, in association with civil society and public authorities, for the promotion of initiatives and measures  aimed to realize conditions for territorial cohesion and social integration.  

Calendar Proposal 2015 - 2016

A series of events are planned for the biennium 2015-2016. Some events will take place in the context of  the Master course on “European citizenship and Euro-Mediterranean Integration”, jointly organized with the Euro-Arab Institute. Other events will take place as ‘ad hoc’ events, co-organized with university partners and/or in association with other research institutions. Further details will be communicated from time to time, in due course.