The Institute of Multilevel Comparison (IMC) has been set up in 2015 within the framework of the cooperation between Università degli studi Roma Tre and Southwest Jiaotong University, in execution of the respective agreement between the two Universites. IMC operates in the larger framework of the advancement of relationships between  European Union and China, inter-cultural dialogue between peoples and world peace. IMC will pursue research in fields of mutual interest of both parties, including topics such as Intercultural Communication, Humanities, EU-China relations, International relations, Social, Economic and Legal Studies, as well as other topics however connected with the educational, scientific and cultural objectives pursued by each Party. The activities of IMC will be carried out with joint organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops, master degree and/or other university (graduate and post-graduate) courses; research activities and publications (translations of academic and scientific works from Chinese into Italian and form Italian into Chinese). IMC encourages joint exchanges and activities like the exchange of scientific material (publications, papers) and other types of exchange (as for instance mutual linkages to the websites of both Parties); the participation in joint editorial and publishing activities, either in printing or on line.

The organ of the Institute is the “European Journal of Sinology” (EJS), the so far single journal dedicated to a multilevel comparison of China and Europe, and to an introduction of Chinese culture, especially literature, philosophy, history, and society to Europe.
IMC will also engage in the translation of texts/documents/materials respectively into Chinese, Italian and English, with regard to topics of common interest for both Parties having specially regard to their utilization as teaching materials. 
Moreover, the Institute will foster joint participation to research programmes, e.g. programmes promoted by the European Commission or by other bodies or foundations, and it will engage in the co-ordination of proposals directed to the acquisition of funds for the realisation of structures and the implementation of research and/or training projects.

Among its main objectives, IMC will promote and sustain the mobility of researchers and teachers of both Parties; the mobility of young researchers, eventually granted, involved in post-graduated programmes. In particular, the Institute will organize conferences, seminars, workshops and the like, to be held alternatively, at the joint initiative of the Parties, respectively in Rome (Università Roma Tre) and ­­­in Chengdu (Southwest Jiaotong University) on topics such as stated above. It will also engage in courses of lectures lasting not less than two weeks, to be held alternatively at the joint initiative of the Parties, respectively in Rome (Università Roma Tre) and ­­­in Chengdu (Southwest Jiaotong University) on topics such as stated above.

Besides this, the institute will also support mobility of students, and cooperate closely with the Ph.D. network coordinated by the International Postgraduate School of Humanities which is part of the agreement between both Universities.