CeAS Strategic Project

The focus on the concept and scope of European citizenship in its multifarious socio-political, legal, insititutional and cultural implications carries with it the idea of a pluralistic identity as a new paradigm of subjectivity, not only qualified by the attribution of fundamental rights at European (transnational) level, but also designed to be the basis for the legitimation and democratization of the European Union as a “union of peoples” and not (only) of states.

On this foundation the European Union can be seen as an authentic polity, acting through “its” common institutions in the common interest of “its” citizens, beyond and above the national interest of any single member state.

Along the axis constituted by European citizenship, fundamental rights and legitimation/democratization of the Union can be positioned the issues concerning the realization of the European integration process in the variety and complexity of the specific sectors and themes involved.

Against this background, CeAS has developed, over the years, several projects presented in the following link.